30 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Barbara

1. Barbara Mallory Caraway is committed to fighting for gun control.
2. Committed to ending inferior schools and education.
3. Committed to every students graduating from high school.
4. Supports reviewing national testing criteria by high school graduation.
5. Committed to ending poverty in district 30.
6. Committed to clean, decent, affordable housing.
7. Committed to safe communities.
8. Committed to fighting for veterans so that they get the care and benefits they deserve.
9. Committed to preserving medicare for seniors.
10. Comitted to preserving social security.
11. Committed every American having affordable, quality healthcare. I support ObamaCare.
12. Supports regulation that provides for clean air and water for all citizens.
13. Supports examining and reviewing the effects and impact of mass incarceration.
14. Supports judicial reform that includes ending mandatory sentencing.
15. Against the pipeline to prison.
16. Against prisons for profit.
17. Against racism and discrimination of any form.
18. Supports your federal tax dollars returning your community.
19. Supports the creation and development of more entrepreneurs.
20. Supports grants to re-train workers displaced by the emerging technology industry.
21. Supports small and minority owned businesses and will work hard to provide more money to support their success.
22. Suports religious freedom.
23. Suports a pathway to citizenship.
24. Supports constitutional rights for all citizens of the United States.
25. Supports the permanent enactment of voting rights act.
26. Supports the return of voting rights to citizens who complete their parole.
27. Supports workers’ rights to organize.
28. Supports the rights for the disable in school and the workplace.
29. Support and encourage law enforcement and communities working together to create safe neighborhoods.
30. Supports families and individuals earning enough money to provide for a decent living.

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