30 Ways To Support Barbara

1. Register To Vote, if you are not already registered.
2. Vote for Barbara Mallory Caraway for Congress in Democratic Primary, March 6, 2018.
3. Become a Deputy Registrar (go to: dallascountyvotes.org to get the schedule).
4. Hold registration drives.
5. Join Barbara on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.
6. Share with 30 people on your social media Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Etc
7. Participate in “YeLL” (Young Emerging Live & Loud) my young adult political awareness initiative encouraging young adults 18 to 30 to vote and stay involved in politics.
8. If you’re a high school senior or college student, earn community service hours by volunteering for the Barbara Mallory Caraway for Congress Campaign.
9. Ask your organization to schedule debates with the candidates of Congressional District 30.
10. Commit to volunteer at least 30 hours throughout my campaign.
11. Volunteer for the campaign phone bank.
12. Volunteer to do Door To Door Canvassing.
13. Volunteer to work at polling locations during Early Voting and on Election Day.
14. Volunteer to take people to the polls to vote.
15. Volunteer to deliver yard signs.
16. Host A Fundraiser.
17. Host A “Coffee” for neighbors and friends.
18. Make a campaign contribution of at least $30.00.
19. Be a spokesperson for Barbara at your church and civic organizations.
20. Contact 30 family and friends that live in District 30, and tell them to vote Barbara Mallory Caraway For Congress.
21. Organize your own volunteer network to work for Barbara.
22. Video record your comments and concerns of the issues you would like for Barbara to champion in Congress. Then post them on 23. your social media using hashtags #EnoughIsEnough2018 and #YeLL2018.
24. Give 30 emails of someone you know to support Barbara.
25. Invite Barbara to be your guest at events you may be hosting or attending.
26. Hang a Barbara Mallory Caraway poster or flyer in your business or workplace.
27. If you are an advocate for an organization contact Barbara about supporting your group.
28. Contact the campaign by email, or phone, to tell us how you would like to help send Barbara to Congress.
29. Get your church involved.
30. Pass the word, get out the vote for Barbara Mallory Caraway for Congress District 30.
Pray for Barbara. Because “Enough Is Enough”.

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