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Our Youth are our future.  But often they feel left out in our society and the political process.  We live in a democracy that should be inclusive.  That’s why I’ve created the “YeLL” Initiative.  “Young Emerging Live & Loud” “YeLL’s” mission is to engage young adults age 18-30 in the political.  “Yell” will focus on local, state, and national politics, teaching about the importance volunteerism, voting and running for elected office. Some major social challenges include paying for college tuition, job training and placement and outright joblessness.  Other major issues include the disproportionate incarceration of young males of color and the challenges of becoming a productive citizen in society when they are released.  “Yell” will integrate its major objective with how the political process impacts these life altering implications. Throughout my political I have ventured to empower young people.  During our tenure on the Dallas Council I created the City of Dallas Youth Commission and Teen Court System to give youth a voice in city politics.  As a state legislator, I implemented through my office, the “Career Futures Initiative”.  This program gave youth the opportunity for summer paid internships with profit and non-profit businesses. I will carry the same commitment to our young adults to Washington, DC.

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“YeLL” – “Young, Emerging, Live and Loud” is an initiative by Barbara Mallory Caraway, Candidate for Congress – District 30 to engage citizens age 18-30 in the political process.  “YeLL's goal is to educate the targeted demographic on the necessity of :

  1. Connecting with their peers in the political arena.
  2. The importance of community involvement.
  3. The election process, how to vote.
  4. The importance of voting in every election.
  5. How government works at the local, state county and federal levels.
  6. Opportunities to work and volunteer in political campaigns.
  7. Become candidates for public office.

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